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Using a Checklist for Business Letters

  • Is the letter visually appealing?
    • Have I included short, positive, and personal introductory and concluding paragraphs?
    • Have I limited body paragraphs to one idea each?
    • Have I organized my information well?
    • Have I used bullets to make my lists more readable?
  • Have I been sympathetic to the reader's situation?
    • Have I expressed an awareness of the reader's situation/dilemma?
    • Have I offered succinct explanations to gain the reader's understanding of my own situation?
    • Have I expressed appreciation for the reader's time?
    • Have I made myself available for further assistance?
  • Have I been as positive as possible while still being clear?
  • Does my letter reflect my personal voice?
  • Is the letter centered more on the reader than on the writer?
  • Is my letter as succinct as possible?
    • Have I avoided the passive voice?
    • Have I combined sentences when possible while varying sentence length?
    • Have I kept the letter focused on my purpose for writing?
  • Are the grammar, mechanics, and usage correct?

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