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Not Just Another Pretty Mark: Punctuation Rules

Do periods and commas go inside or outside of quotation marks? When do we use parentheses? Is a dash ever appropriate? What's the difference between a dash and a hyphen?

Should book titles be underlined, italicized, or set in quotation marks? How about chapter titles and headings? Do we live next door to the Joneses, the Jones' or the Joneses'?

Did we just back into the Joneses car, the Jones' car, or the Joneses' car? Is the semicolon more like a comma or a period? What's the difference between the colon and the semicolon?

Everything you ever wanted to know about punctuation and mechanics, you'll find here--except for comma rules, which are covered in the "Comma One, Comma All" course.

(Length: two hours)

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