Our Purpose

Get It Write offers services for people who realize that the written
word makes a powerful and lasting impression.

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What We Offer

Get It Write offers customized writing skills seminars as well as free access to articles on common grammar, mechanics, and usage issues.

Face-to-Face Seminars

We offer seminars ranging in length from one hour to several days and covering a wide range of writing-related issues: grammar, mechanics, usage, clarity, organization, focus, development, an economy of language, and audience awareness.

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Each week, we publish articles about the most popular English grammar and writing questions that we receive as English educators. We cover grammar, mechanics, usage, punctuation, pronouns, and other popular topics.

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Online Courses

Get It Write has a new online academy, with one course available now and two more by the end of summer 2020. Learn at your own pace from video lectures, content quizzes, practice exercises, and video reviews.

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About The Instructor

Nancy founded Get It Write in 1991. Since then, she has taught hundreds of seminars on writing-related issues to professionals in the workforce, including employees of state and local governments, judges and staff members of state and federal court systems, bankers, and attorneys (see her client list).

From 1988 to 2019, she taught writing and literature at Columbia College. A tenured full-professor holding an endowed chair, she served as dean of the Division of Communication, Languages, and Literatures for eight years and directed the writing-across-the-curriculum program for fifteen years.


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