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  • Verbs First: Targeting the Crucial Action

    We can improve our writing by focusing on any unit of style—from choosing the just-right word to sculpting clauses, sustaining longer sentences with grace, and...

    Mark Roberts

    26 April 2019

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  • What Does It Mean to “Beg the Question”?

    Pardon Me—May I Beg Your Question? Often I hear newscasters say something like this: “Which begs the question—why was the senator naked in the first...

    Ron Cooper

    21 March 2019

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  • One Space or Two after Periods?

    Do you use one space or two after periods? Many people are surprisingly (even ridiculously) passionate about this issue. The Two-Space Camp Those who favor...

    Nancy Tuten

    12 March 2019

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  • Style Manuals, Style Books, Style Guides

    While there are some hard-and-fast grammar rules (subjects must agree in number with their verbs, for example), a large percentage of what people regard as...

    Nancy Tuten

    3 December 2017

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  • Parallel Structure

    Often our writing includes lists. If these lists are to be logical and readable, the items in them must be parallel with one another. That...

    Nancy Tuten

    20 September 2017

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