The First Fifty Tips (Second Edition)

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  • Author Name: Nancy Lewis Tuten, Ph.D.
    Price: $30
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    After almost two decades, the wait is over: the second edition of The First Fifty Tips is ready!

    More than a thousand printed copies of the first edition sold out immediately. Then we wised up and began to sell the searchable PDF version, which has continued to sell briskly.

    But it was time for a new edition.  The fifty articles in the first edition have been updated, revised, and enhanced to include hyperlinks to additional information.

    Buy one for yourself. Buy another one as the perfect gift for the friend or relative who loves words, the person who has everything, or the colleague who is trying to move up the professional ladder and wants to improve communication skills.

    Still prefer print? It’s fine to print your own copy from the PDF while keeping the digital version on your computer desktop for handy searches.

    For those of you who have participated in our day-long seminars, this book extends that learning. Writers who are serious about strengthening their editing skills will find it helpful to read one of these articles every day or every week.

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