Good content can be undermined by poor grammar. Errors distract the reader and make the writer look unprofessional.  Cover all the topics below in a five-hour interactive seminar, or choose from among them for a shorter session:

Pronoun Case

  • The Three Cases of Pronouns
  • Nominative (Subjective) Case Pronouns
  • Objective Case Pronouns
  • Reflexive Pronouns
  • Possessive Case Pronouns
  • Who and Whom

Agreement Issues

  • Collective Nouns
  • Indefinite Pronouns
  • Pronoun Shifts in Person
  • Correlative and Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Separated Subjects and Verbs
  • Reversed Subjects and Verbs
  • Deceptive Subjects


  • The Passive Voice
  • The Crucial Verb
  • The Subjunctive Mood
  • Phrasal Verbs

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