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  • “Less” or “Fewer”

    Other articles on this site address confusing word pairs, including effect and affect, sit and set, lay and lie, and bad and badly. Here we...

    Nancy Tuten

    3 November 2020

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  • Passive Voice and Active Voice

    Those of us whose word-processing software includes a grammar checker have probably encountered the green squiggly line of doom wagging an accusatory finger at a...

    Nancy Tuten

    29 August 2020

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  • “You’re Still on My Lawn!”: Our Resident Curmudgeon Bemoans Six Lost Causes

    Word confusion and language-related lost causes are no strangers to this site. We have explored the lost distinction between the words nauseous and nauseating, the...

    Ron Cooper

    20 July 2020

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  • Uncharted vs. Unchartered

    The corona-virus disease pandemic, which started late in 2019 (thus the name COVID-19), has given rise to increased use of a few confusing phrases and...

    Nancy Tuten

    30 June 2020

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  • Parallel Structure

    Whenever our writing includes a list, the items in that list need to be parallel with one another. That is, all of the items in...

    Nancy Tuten

    16 March 2020

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