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  • To Split or Not to Split Infinitives?

    Most of us were taught never to split infinitives, but writers have been splitting them anyway—even long before Star Trek provided us with perhaps the...

    Nancy Tuten

    30 October 2019

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  • Can “They” Ever Be Singular?

    Editors at Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary caused quite a stir when they tweeted on September 17, 2019, that “the nonbinary pronoun ‘they’ has been added to the...

    Nancy Tuten

    21 September 2019

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  • Starting Sentences with “And” or “But”

    One of our subscribers wrote to ask if it’s OK to start a sentence with the words and or but. The answer is yes. The...

    Nancy Tuten

    9 August 2019

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  • “Lie” or “Lay”?

    This website addresses a number of confusing word pairs, including effect and affect, sit and set, and bad and badly, just to name a few. But...

    Nancy Tuten

    3 August 2019

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  • Who or Whom

    I hope I am dead and gone when it happens, but I fully realize that one day the word whom will be designated by dictionaries...

    Nancy Tuten

    6 June 2019

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